Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MS Office by subscription

Here's the news link from ZD NET:
New Microsoft Office subscription bundle to hit in mid-July

Basically they're bundling several basic services together. Some are comparing it to Google's free stuff, but it's also comparable to Mac's "paid-for" stuff:
includes a version of Office Home and Student 2007; Windows Live OneCare,
Microsoft’s PC management/security bundle; a few Windows Live
communication/collaboration services; and Office Live Workspace, Microsoft’s
online-collaboration add-on to Office.

I talked about this previously. And I honestly think that subscriptions are the future of all. Obviously, the "talkback" forum was filled with open-source people who don't "get it".

But I think that the populace is finally ready for the concept that everything on their computer is comprised of "services" and that software is alive.

Unfortunately, MS missed one big piece here: Outlook. The early adopters who will want this service are the same type of people who will also want Outlook.

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